Fire fighters work to determine cause of fatal blaze

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Montgomery firefighters got to the scene three minutes after receiving a call that a home off Bunting Street was fully engulfed in flames.

But for one man it was three minutes too late.

"We was watching TV in my room and I heard the lights started blinking off and on, and after that the window blowed out in the bedroom," says Laura Jones.

Jones doesn't know how the home she lives in ended up in flames.

She's just glad she wasn't inside.

"Everybody got out ok.   Except for him," she says.

Jones is referring to her friend who also lived in the home, a man in his sixties who fire fighters say wasn't as fortunate.

"We extinguished the house fire, did a search and we did find a victim inside this structure," says Assistant Fire Chief William Davis with the Montgomery Fire Department.

Officials say there were nine people living in the apartment-style house.

But only some of them were in the home when the flames broke out.

"It scared me to death.   And I've lost everything I've got. I ain't got no coat, all my food, everything," says Jones.

Officials say they're providing shelter for residents like Jones.

And while she may have lost everything she's still thankful.

"I'm just glad we got out because we could have been sleeping.   All of us could have got burned up," she says.

Fire officials say the blaze is still under investigation.   But they say it appears to be an accident.

This is Montgomery's the first fire fatality of the year.

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