MPD operation continues to produce results

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Residents say they're not used to the silence nowadays.

"So far, it's real quiet on the block now," said Jonathan Smith.

Smith says it's an improvement from what he usually hears around his neighborhood.

"[There's] always loud noise. Cars riding by. Just disturbing the peace," Smith said.

Across the street, Annie Whitty enjoyed a quiet Sunday with her grandchildren while police patrol her neighborhood.

"I would love to see the police out," she said.

"I figure they're watching over me."

From speeding tickets to full blown arrests, police canvassed streets and worked to cut down on crime.

"We're hopeful that more positive forces can take place here in the community, then that to us is success," said Major Huey Thornton of the Montgomery Police Department.

While some residents welcome the extra attention, others aren't so happy.  They say they're worried officers are using stereotypes.

"This whole street done calmed down. The whole Ridgecrest done calmed down. There's still crime going on. Crime's going to go on everywhere. You're not going to stop every crime," said Chester Pruitt of Montgomery.

Police say they're just doing their jobs.

"We're basically trying to enforce the law, and as long as the citizens in this area are within the law, they have nothing to worry about," Thornton said.

So far, police say they've made 64 arrests, issued 669 citations, and served 201 capias warrants.

Officers say they also confiscated drugs, weapons and vehicles.

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