Houston County putting some projects on hold

Posted by: Daniel Curtis - bio | email

DOTHAN, AL (WSFA) – Houston County has seen some tough economic blows in the past few weeks.

That coupled with smaller revenues has forced the county commission to take a cautious approach with some projects.

"With all the citizens around here that have either lost or are losing jobs, so we want to be extremely cautious with the tax dollars we have," says commission chairman Mark Culver.

County commissioners say until there's more certainty in the economy they're putting some projects on hold.

The county wants to wait to see if their revenues increase before re-reevaluating those projects.

"We have road projects that we would like to do we have some moving of buildings that we need to do and we are trying to see if we can find some money from a different source to fund those but we are just going to be very careful with the funds that the taxpayers send us and not get ourselves in a difficult situation," says Culver.

Despite the troubling times, county leaders say they believe the economy will bounce back.

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