Country Crossing Responds to Tuesday Rally Controversy


DOTHAN, Ala. – Yesterday, Governor Riley put his wife, preachers and other public officials into a political environment, a place where a peaceful protest of the governor's intimidation tactics was in full display.

The good people of Alabama that disagree with Riley's opinions are not the thugs he and some religious groups want you to think they are; they are concerned and upset citizens – mothers and fathers who have been put out of work by the governor's ridiculous stance on bingo – mothers and fathers who have children to feed.

We will not play to Riley's name calling or his putting the First Lady in a position to provide him cover from people exercising their freedom of speech. He should be ashamed at his pathetic attempts to scare the people of Alabama and for working with Citizens for a Better Alabama in pitting Christians against Christians on this issue.

Riley constantly tries to muddy the debate with statements about the "law" when the law clearly states electronic bingo is allowed under certain amendments.

This debate is simple: Governor, are you going to let the people vote to allow private operators to have electronic bingo so the state can tax, regulate and limit these operations the same way you insisted on a vote for the largest tax increase in Alabama history?

Riley's insistence on shutting down private operators is allowing the Native Americans in Alabama and Mississippi an absolute monopoly, and our state will never see one red cent of revenue from them.