Home brewing bill funnels through Montgomery

By Jeanie Powell - bio | email

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - You can drink it, but you can't make it, at least not in your home.  We're talking homemade brew.

A bill funneling through Montgomery would allow people to make their own brew.  Senate bill 153 says it all, it's intended for personal use.

For instance, if you wanted to enter a competition, it would make it legal for you to get your brew to that competition.

It's important to note, this bill does not allow people to make their own liquor.

You can buy it online or handpick your ingredients in person, which we found people are doing.

Deanna Sue McGrew, manager at Pearly Gates Natural Foods in Huntsville offers what it takes to make it yourself.

She said a lot of her clientele comes from people who have relocated here.

But Alabama law says you just can't make your own brew inside your home.

Well, at least not beer.

You can make wine at your place, but only up to five gallons and only if you grow the grapes on your property.

But some of this could change if Montgomery Senator Larry Dixon's bill packs some punch with it.

The senate voted in favor of it 13 to 6 on Tuesday.

The legislation allows homebrew to be transported to organized tasting and judging events where there's a license on premise.

Moving beer is limited to 20 gallons.

Dixon tells us his intent with this bill is so people can enjoy their hobby.

And by that, he means taking it to judgings and tastings.

The lawmaker wanted to make it clear to us, if his bill is passed into law, it obviously wouldn't work in dry counties.

The ABC board does enforce the law, which right now is no homebrewing.

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