$6 million drug bust in Montgomery

Posted by: John Shryock - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Montgomery police announced Thursday a major drug bust that took more than $6 million in powder cocaine off the streets.

Police officers pulled over an 18-wheeler Wednesday for a traffic citation. They searched the truck and found 67,000 grams of cocaine hidden onboard. One person was arrested.

The patrol officers were using, for the first time, a new piece of drug trafficking equipment, and there's a bit of irony connected to it.

The equipment was purchased with the money from the last major drug bust in the capital city.

Montgomery Police Chief Art Baylor said in many ways the suspects charged in that case actually helped catch these current drug dealers.

It is so hard to find that amount of drugs," Baylor said, "and these guys have done it over and over now," speaking of his officers. He added that they must stay persistent.

"If we could do that everyday, we would really knock a hole in crime," said Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange. Strange says 80 percent of crime is drug related.

The federal government is now investigating the case.

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