Four sentenced in Sherard murder case

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Four men who pleaded guilty to felony murder in the death of a Montgomery woman learned their fate today.

One of the four men apologized to Brenda Sherard's family.

It's been a hard 17 months for Johnne Sherard. "I still have trouble sleeping", stated Mr. Sherard.

Today however, he found some closure in the sentencing of 4 people he will never forget. Court records show they all pleaded guilty to felony murder in connection with the death of Brenda Sherard.

A guilty plea that certainly avoided what would have been an emotional trial for the Sherard family.

"I think she would have been happy", added Mr. Sherard.

Inside a Montgomery County courtroom, the judge sentenced Zeris Walker to a total of 42 years on Felony murder, robbery and assault charges. Walker admitted striking Mrs. Sherard several times in the face.

Twenty years for Jhavarske Lewis, twenty five years for Herbert Turner and twenty years for Quanderrious Johnson.

The emotional climax during the sentencing phase came when JhavarskeLewis who was 16 at the time, hand wrote an apology from jail. An apology that came in the form of a card.

"I wish I could turn back the hands of time...I'm sorry", reads the card.

Brenda and Johnnie Sherard were married for more than 20 years and they had just gotten home from dinner when they were attacked in their own driveway on Noremac Road. Brenda died two days later of a heart attack. She was only 12 days away of turning 54.

"I don't hate them", explains Mr. Sherard. From here he plans to move on with his life and move away. He will simply focus on trying to forgive. "I pray that I will be able to do that", adds Sherard.

As to why the young men did this, Mr. Sherard says he never got a clear answer. One of them we're told said it was more of a 'spur of the moment' kind of thing.

As for Johnnie Sherard, today is the day he says he'll begin to move on.

With these sentences, the 4 men will be eligible for parole at some point.

Attorneys for 3 of the 4 suspects told WSFA 12 News they thought the punishment was fair considering the facts, and no surprise since there was a plea agreement.

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