Elba school buses now tracked by GPS

Elba city school buses will now be tracked from GPS.
Elba city school buses will now be tracked from GPS.

ELBA, AL - The Elba City Board of Education announced Friday that it has purchased GPS devices that will allow school officials to monitor the location of its fleet of school buses at all times.

Information from the devices, which communicate with a management server through GPS satellites or cellular phone towers can be accessed through a web-based interface, school officials say. The school system believes the information will be of great benefit in optimizing its school bus routes and providing an additional safety feature for its students.

Mr. Wesley Devane, Transportation Supervisor for the school system  believes that the new technology will be a great asset for students and bus drivers.

"The GPS devices will help us save time and money by making our bus routes more efficient.  Our bus drivers will also have an added sense of security in the knowledge that should they break down or experience some type of emergency their location can be precisely pinpointed."

The devices were installed in the system's school bus fleet at the beginning of February and are meeting school official's expectations.  "The GPS units are installed and working like they should and I expect that we will be able to trim some travel time off of our routes," said Devane.