Lincoln Cemetery receives much needed cleaning

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Years of neglect at one cemetery in town is hopefully a thing of the past.

Lincoln Cemetery in Montgomery is often covered by weeds and trash. Now, residents and leaders are working to make sure it's taken care of for good.

For the past few weeks, city council meetings and talks with the mayor have centered around one question when it comes to the cemetery. Who will take care of it?

It's a place that holds the family histories for so many in our area and since no one can seem to find the owner, local residents decided to once again take action.

It's not the first time locals have cleaned up the property but it's not a permanent solution. Luckily, the city is closer to one.

They've formed a committee looking into the costs of maintaining the cemetery. They say there are city ordinances that allow them to do that.

Secondly, they've sent out cease and desist orders to companies still burying people there.

City councilmen tell WSFA 12 News that the cemetery far exceeded it's grave limit years ago.

Residents say they're happy to see the city finally stepping in the gap.

"That's the kind of city we all can be proud of...that the city would take a firm stand...not just a look, but a firm stand on the condition of Lincoln Cemetery. At one point, this was the pride of Montgomery", says volunteer Richard Bailey.

"I think it would be wonderful, it's awesome if they do", added Bailey.

WSFA 12 News also talked with one of the owners of King Vault Company. They're one of the businesses that were still burying people there.

He said he got the cease and desist order and will not bury anyone else.

For now, preservation leaders say they're getting calls from folks interested in purchasing the property, people who want to make sure it's properly maintained.

The city's newly formed committee is meeting this Wednesday to discuss what's next. We'll keep you posted.

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