U.S. Postal Service pushes for radical reshaping

(NBC) - The Postmaster General is planning a major change to U.S. mail delivery, and you can blame it on the Internet.

"In the electronic age maybe people aren't using as much mail service as before so that's probably changed things a lot," said Julie Eddinger of Washington D.C.

In fact, online banking and people sending email, along with the recession, pushed mail volume down 13 percent in the last fiscal year. The Postal Service lost almost four billion dollars.

With even tougher times forecast, the agency is talking about cutting services.

"I get my mail on Saturdays. I'm happy about that," said Washington D.C. resident Mark Olson.

However, Saturday delivery days could go away, Post Offices could close and rates could rise. Some blame lack of competition, and union-protected pay.

"We also have taxpayers pouring lots of money in for the lavish benefits in pay that are received by postal workers," said Daniel J. Mitchell a Tax Expert at CATO Institute.

The agency does want more leeway in union negotiations, particularly in addressing the soaring costs of worker and retiree health care.

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