Andalusia auto parts supplier plans to expand

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ANDALUSIA, AL (WSFA) - Saehaesung Alabama, Inc., a 'Tier 2' automotive parts supplier, decided to stay and expand operations in the city.

They've already been around for four years, but the commitment means a long future in Covington County.

With new contracts on the horizon.. And expanding business.. The existing warehouse is just too small.

"We've outgrown our facility by a long shot," said Jim Hallford, the company's HR director.

That's why the company's moving across the road into nearly 80 thousand square feet of manufacturing and office space.

"We'll go from two loading docks to seven. So, yeah, there's going to be quite a bit more traffic between here and Greenville and here and the Kia plant," Hallford said.

Mayor Earl Johnson helped strike the deal to keep the company in Andalusia.

The city's Industrial Development Board will build the $5 million facility and welcome dozens more jobs to the area.

"Two years from now, we'll be looking at no less than 250 jobs at this location, but perhaps.. who knows," Johnson said.

The only short term catch is the city pledged to construct the buildings on a heavily wooded lot--by June 1st.

"Our city employees and some of our people will be making a Herculean effort to get this done, but we've committed to do it," Johnson said.

It's a commitment the company's glad to hear.

"There will be diesel smoke [at the construction site] tomorrow," Hallford joked.

Saehaesung Alabama, Inc. is working on becoming a 'Tier 1' supplier.  Representatives say special stamping robots at the new facility will increase the workload by leaps and bounds.

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