80 YO murder suspect caught on undercover video

This is video of Mr. Jones walking around a Biloxi, Mississippi casino.
This is video of Mr. Jones walking around a Biloxi, Mississippi casino.
Paul Jones' mugshot
Paul Jones' mugshot

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Linda and Jerry Ingram are relieved that Paul Jones is back in jail yet still troubled as to why Jones was allowed to make bond in the first place.

"We just hope he stays in jail this time," said Linda Ingram of Wetumpka.

Elmore County investigators charged the 80-year old Jones for murdering 85-year old Frank Barrett and for allegedly shooting the Ingrams last summer in their Wetumpka neighborhood.

In November Jones told the court he had health issues, specifically an aorta aneurysm that had to be treated. The court allowed Jones to post a low bond of $25,000 and his son agreed to take him immediately to the V-A Hospital in Arlington, Virginia.

A month or so later undercover agents from the Elmore County District Attorney's office video-taped Mr. Jones taking a walk in Auburn and that's not all.

The district attorney says Jones went on a 25 hour gambling spree at a casino in Biloxi, Mississippi. One shot in the video seems to clearly show Paul Jones gambling at a poker table.

"The order says he may leave the state of Alabama with his son to travel to Virginia. It didn't say he could go to Biloxi," said District Attorney Randall Houston.

Paul Jones' Montgomery attorney Tom Azar had this to say.

"We believe Randall Houston is being unreasonable and believe Mr. Jones had the legal right to travel outside the state of Alabama. We intend to fight what we believe to be an unjust revocation of his bail."

Meantime, Elmore County Sheriff Bill Franklin initially supported a low bond for Jones because he believed Mr. Jones genuinely needed medical treatment, far more than what the jail could have provided, and the kind of medical care that would have chewed up the jail budget.

Sheriff Franklin says he's not ready to say if that was a mistake because he says he doesn't know all the facts yet.

On the other hand Randall Houston says jail probably would have been a better place even though there was no evidence Paul Jones intended to do more harm.

"We don't think he was as sick as we were led to believe," said Houston.

With Paul Jones back in the Elmore County jail, the Ingrams say perhaps for the first time since the shootings, they will be able to sleep peacefully.

Paul Jones has a new court hearing on March 31. That's when Houston will likely argue for no bail and possibly set a trial date.

Investigators say the shootings were the result of a property dispute Jones had with his neighbor Frank Barrett, the murder victim.

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