Tigers win final Coliseum game

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AUBURN, AL (WSFA) - Filing into Beard-Eaves Memorial Coliseum for the last time, 1,000 lucky fans got the chance to take home a piece of history.  Each ticket holder received a miniature replica of the facility.

Others came to the coliseum simply came to be a part of history.  Together, Auburn faithful watched the end of an era.

"It's the tradition of the basketball game, and having Beard-Eaves being the last home game for them. I've been an Auburn fan all of my life," said John Pope of Auburn.

Fans didn't let up during game play.  Energy at Beard-Eaves filled the bleachers, from courtside to the nosebleed section.

"I should have brought my glasses," one fan joked.

Tiger fans drank in 42 seasons of memories, heartbreaking losses, and historic wins.

"Knowing that I can some back, and with us getting a new facility here for the basketball team, and knowing that I can just be here for that last home game, it just means a lot."

As a tribute, Wally Tinker came full circle, officially making the first and last basket at the coliseum.

Meanwhile, fans await the future of Auburn basketball.

"It's a great atmosphere. Great tradition, and I think it's going to be great for the university," explained Dean Bledsoe of Auburn.

"I think it'll help them recruit better, and I think next season, it's going to be a very exciting season for anybody that comes," Carson said.

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