Sparks: Firing Tyson a top priority as governor

Ron Sparks announces his plans for Day One as governor.
Ron Sparks announces his plans for Day One as governor.

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - If elected as the next governor of Alabama, Ron Sparks (D) says he'll stay busy undoing a lot of the current governor's actions.

Sparks, who is fighting Artur Davis for the Democratic nomination, laid out four things he'll do in his first days, if elected.

First on the list, abolishing Governor Bob Riley's controversial Task Force on Illegal Gambling. " I will put an end to this madness," Sparks said. "This has gone on too long."

After crossing the Task Force of his list, there will be no need for a Task Force commander. Sparks says he'll then fire John Tyson.

Steps 3 and 4: "I will move to re-open casinos and give those 6,000 people back their jobs. In my inaugural address, I will call for a special session of the Legislature to fix gaming. We will have a special session on Day Two to fix this problem once and for all," he promised.

"I am the first and only candidate that has a plan to tax and regulate gaming, a plan to have an education lottery and a plan to let the people vote on casinos," Sparks added.

"Artur Davis does not have that plan and he does not have the courage to stand up here like I do and tell you exactly what he would do. I do," Sparks said.

'Not so fast', Davis' camp responded. "The truth is that Artur Davis has been a vocal critic of Governor Riley's midnight raids on gambling operators and his plan for taxing and regulating gambling and letting the people decide is crystal clear," said campaign spokesperson Alex Goepfert.

"As governor, Artur Davis supports letting the people decide in a straightforward up or down vote on whether electronic gaming is legal. If the vote is in the affirmative, he will establish an independent gaming commission that will regulate gambling in a manner that ensures that the people of this state benefit, and he will tax gambling at or above the national average."

The Alabama primaries are set for June 1st.

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