Kay Ivey blasts new negative anti-Charter School TV ads

MONTGOMERY, AL - State Treasurer and Republican gubernatorial candidate Kay Ivey strongly condemned two new TV commercials aimed at keeping charter schools out of Alabama.

"The claims made in these negative ads are intellectually dishonest," Ivey said.  "They allege charter schools don't work. If that were true, then why do they have a proven track record of success in 40 states? They claim bureaucrats in Washington want to push charter schools on us. My personal experience is totally opposite; I find parents all over Alabama are pushing to get charter schools. They want choices and alternatives to make sure their children learn at high standards, and charter schools are one of the best alternatives available for that.  Where underperforming public schools don't work, charter schools can."

Ivey noted the ads are sponsored by the Alabama Education Association.

"This is another case of the state's powerful teachers union protecting its monopoly at the expense of students and the people who foot the bill for public education: we taxpayers. The AEA realizes charter schools are a direct assault on its powerbase. Instead of being open to innovative ways to improve our woefully struggling education system, the teachers union is stiffening its neck and saying 'No!' The parents of children who are trapped in poorly performing schools, and everyone who pays for those schools with their hard-earned tax dollars, deserve better."

Additional information:

You can see the TV commercials at www.nocharterschoolsalabama.org