MacMillian International Academy Induction

MacMillan International Academy Magnet School announced the first annual induction ceremony for the academy's chapter of the National Elementary Honor Society.  Thirty one students were inducted.  To be eligible for membership students must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.5.  Additionally, students must demonstrate responsibility at home, school and the community.  Students from grades fourth and fifth were evaluated and selected by faculty council of the chapter.


Brenton Barker

Kaylyn Butler

Allie Byrd

Spencer Campbell

Penelope Campbell

Aaron Cantey

Corryn Carter

Janea Carter

Zaria Coprich

Ariana Glover

Nieimah Harris

Elijah Hendrix

Joshua Huffman

Joel Hunt

Joshua Jackson

Temple James

Syndi Lessa

Julia Linn

Jade Marcum

Zyria McGhee

Kayanna McKenzie

Zipporah Moore

Nathan Reed

Derrius Rose

Beatrice Severance

Amber Smith

Kyerra Smith

Kelsey Wallace

Viktoria Walters

Charity White

Carolyn Williams

The National Elementary Honor Society was established in 2008 with two primary purposes: to recognize students who achieved academic excellence and demonstrated responsibility in their lives, and to engage those students through the work of the chapter, in service and leadership development activities.