Alabama meets obligation deadline for transportation stimulus dollars

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA)  – The state of Alabama has obligated 100 percent of its stimulus money for highway infrastructure ahead of the deadline required by federal law.

The Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) obligated all the $513.69 million on Feb. 26 – comfortably ahead of the March 2 deadline required by the federal stimulus law.

"Stimulus projects are being awarded to every county of Alabama to improve travel and help economic development," said Governor Riley. "In addition, by using stimulus funds on these projects, it frees up non-stimulus funding for other planned highway projects throughout the state."

State officials said Alabama's use of more than $513.69 million in highway infrastructure investment funds includes $417.82 million on state, U.S. and interstate highways, and the remaining $95.87 million divided between counties, Metropolitan Planning Organizations and enhancement grants for cities.

"We've worked hard to be good stewards of these federal transportation dollars, addressing resurfacing and new capacity needs on Alabama's roadways," said Transportation Director Joe McInnes. "However, under today's unstable financial outlook, Alabama and the rest of the nation need a new long-term federal highway funding bill to address additional critical needs. Increased state and federal transportation dollars are essential to continue our mission of providing a safe and efficient transportation network across Alabama."

ALDOT is using its $417.82 million share of the stimulus funds on 110 projects to resurface state, U.S. and interstate highways and for new capacity projects to close gaps on certain major highways. Most state projects have been put out for bids and are already under construction, but those most recently obligated will be let over the next few months.

A full list of all state and local stimulus projects is available on ALDOT's web site at

So far, ALDOT has completed 18 projects, and has paid out more than $22 million in funds. States rushed to meet the March 2 deadline to obligate stimulus funds under the incentive to prevent redistribution of any unused funds.

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