Back to the Future

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Sylacauga, AL (WSFA) - A trip back in time.   50 years ago elementary school students stuffed a time capsule with things that were important in 1959.   Now it's out and one woman wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to see what they left behind.

Judy Elliott now lives about an hour away from Sylacauga.  But when she learned the time capsule was open, she decided to organize everything inside and host an open house so folks could claim the work they did 50 years ago.    "It was so important that I never forgot," Elliott said.

So on a winter day in 2010, she unpacked what to some would be just an old blue recycling bin.   But to others, it's a treasure chest of memories and dreams.   It's filled with art work and essays and everything that was going on in 1959.    Some of the elementary school students in Sylacauga were looking to the future.    "Here's one from Ms. Baker's class at Main Avenue Elementary School.   They wrote what they wanted to be when they grow up and Vicki Commons, her dad was a doctor, she wanted to be a lab technician."   Some students had some great predictions, others were out of this world.   One student wrote,  "We hope to send people to the moon in the near future."   Good call.   But others may have dreamed a little too big.   "Mike Ivey says in 2010 Sylacauga will have a population of 60,000."  It's really more like 13,000.

Elliott wasn't the only one who wanted to see what was inside.    "I can't remember if I put anything in here but I wanted to come see," said Jane Morris from Ferguson, Alabama.   "My grandparents did this, they wrote it with their own hands and that's pretty cool," said current Sylacauga resident Sherry Vickers.

While the students may have been a little different back then, some things never change.  One students essay ended with the words, "I hate school."

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