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Editorial: Family Justice Center

Montgomery police respond to more than two dozen domestic violence calls every day. 

Victims who suffer abuse face enough trauma without the added trouble of ping ponging among service agencies to get help. 

Now, thanks to the passionate leadership of District Attorney Ellen Brooks and the commitment and resources of the  City, County and  more than a dozen community partners, they will be served in a more accessible, efficient and effective way when the Family Justice Center of Montgomery opens downtown later this month.  

The Center will be a one-stop shop for abuse victims and help minimize some of the immeasurable pain for them and for their families. 

A team of professionals will work together under one roof to provide coordinated services to victims of family violence, sexual assault and child and elder abuse. 

Homicides and the associated costs with it will be reduced and victim safety will increase.

It is an impressive shared vision becoming a reality in our community and we will be the better for it.

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