AG King: Fed. investigation of his office ends

Attorney General Troy King
Attorney General Troy King

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Alabama Attorney General Troy King says a federal grand jury investigation of him and his office has ended. Federal prosecutors say they can't confirm or deny that.

King read a statement Thursday afternoon in Montgomery saying U.S. Attorney Joyce Vance of Birmingham had informed his attorneys that her office had closed the matter.

A spokeswoman for Vance says federal law prohibits any comment about a grand jury. The grand jury had been meeting in Montgomery. Court officials in Montgomery says they also can't comment.

The grand jury had been reviewing the operation of King's office and entertainment he received. The panel's activity became public because King sought state funds to hire attorneys to help prepare documents sought by investigators.


Good afternoon. After many months of intense scrutiny, I am pleased to report that my personal attorneys have informed me that the federal grand jury investigation of me and my office has been concluded and the grand jury has adjourned.  Specifically, Joyce Vance, the new U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Alabama, has informed my attorneys that the Northern District U.S. Attorney's Office has closed this matter.

While this has been a long and often stressful process, I never wavered in the knowledge that I have conducted myself and the high office I hold in an honorable and ethical fashion, and in accordance with the law. My staff and I have cooperated fully with the federal authorities as they conducted this process.

The public and I may never know the motivations of those who registered the complaints that caused this process to be initiated in the first place. The public can know this though – I am a stronger and wiser man who is more dedicated and resolved than ever before to meeting and answering the challenges of the Office of Alabama's Attorney General. No one can go through this process without gaining a renewed commitment to the need for government to respect the rights of all of our citizens.

Six years ago, I pledged to stand up and fight for all Alabama citizens, especially those who are the most vulnerable among us – our children and our seniors.  I also made a promise that my office would protect every Alabamian – no matter how weak or how strong, no matter who that angered and no matter the cost. Sadly, there is a cost for doing the right thing that is often high enough to discourage good people from entering public service.  That is sad for our State and our Republic.  I am a simple man from a small town in Alabama's Wiregrass.  I learned some important things growing up there. I try to demonstrate these values in my public service, values like:  that truth and honesty matter and that, when you take an oath of public service you should honor and respect that high calling in all of your endeavors.

Holding the Office of the Attorney General or U.S. Attorney is a position of sacred trust.  A prosecutor is vested with one of the highest callings in preserving our freedom and upholding our sense of justice, but that authority and responsibility can also be misused and abused if it goes unchecked. If the person holding such an office sets out to settle political scores, the very powers that protect and defend can also destroy reputations and hurt innocent people.  Holding this office requires a person to demonstrate courage, sometimes even standing up to the powerful, sometimes at great cost.  Doing right has always carried a cost though.  I will continue to conduct the affairs of this office with utmost integrity no matter what.

This office also provides an extraordinary opportunity to do things that are good and just, and I am extremely proud of both my record and my results.  We have sent child predators to prison and convicted smut peddlers, like Richard Dobbins of Jasper who received 115 life sentences and 1960 years in prison today for his child pornography crimes.  I have stood with victims across this state – at vigils, in grand jury rooms, in courtrooms, and at the Board of Pardons and Paroles - - fighting to protect the justice won in the trial courts.  I have won death sentences for some of Alabama's most cold blooded killers.  I have fought for and passed new laws to aid the heroes of law enforcement in their noble mission.  I have proudly stood by their sides since the day I took office and I am even more honored today to have them remain at my side.

I could not have survived a challenge such as this though without the unconditional support of those closest to me. My wife, Paige, is standing here with me.  There is a reason for that.  Paige and our three young children have also been deeply affected by this protracted ordeal.  Paige does not seek the public eye, but instead quietly does one of the most important jobs in the world.  She is the stay-at-home mom to our three kids.  She, even more than I, has had to explain to them that the news reports and the schoolhouse gossip were not reasons to worry.  She, like I, has explained that, once justice arrives, it is fair, and that they can be proud that their dad has done nothing wrong.  Because of my calling into public service, my wife and my children have been painfully touched by this matter. I pray daily for them as our family seeks to serve our fellow citizens.  I want to take this opportunity to publicly say to my wife and my children – thank you for loving me and believing in me.  I have never let you down, and with God's help I never will.

Thank You. It's my family's prayer that God will continue to bless Alabama.