Sales tax figures down for both Houston County and Dothan

Posted by: Daniel Curtis - bio | email

DOTHAN, AL (WSFA) –   For both Houston County and the city of Dothan, December sales tax figures showed an increase.  Then it was an encouraging sign.

"We were up last month and were hoping it was a sign, we now hope things are not a sign, because we are down a good bit on the reporting for February," said Mark Culver during Houston County's commission meeting.

In the new numbers the county's collections were down nearly seven percent from last year.

It's the same news for the city of Dothan.  Despite the increase from holiday shopping their numbers is down almost four percent year to date.

"We are very concerned about are revenue basis. The city is looking at capital projects that we can delay we are looking at capital purchases we can delay," says Mike West, Dothan City Manager.

City officials say they'll continue to remain cautious but hope consumer confidence returns soon.

"We have got some challenges to live within our means but more importantly we've got challenges of how do we create jobs and how do we put people back to work," says West.

The city of Dothan saw an increase in sales tax for January of 2010, the first since February of 2009.

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