Spring break brings more work for some college students

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Call it a Spring-no-Break for Stefanie Stedman and nine other Creighton University students.

"It was completely worth it," says Stedman.

She and her classmates traveled 16 hours from Nebraska to spend a week volunteering at Resurrection Catholic Missions in Montgomery.

"We've worked here at the Resurrection School, we've worked at the Father Walters Memorial Center, worked outdoors," she adds.

But they're not the only ones.

Nine students from Dominican University in Chicago made the trip, too.

"Things here have just been so much fun for us that I think we'd call it a vacation," says Dominican student, Hannah Demaree.

The group spent the week tutoring, playing with the children and anything else campus leaders needed.

"They paint, they pick weeds, they work with our kids.  They're great. I mean, it's great to have them here because it kinda infuses everybody with a lot of energy," says Jimmy Rogers with the mission.

Not only does it help the mission, but students say there's an upside to not hitting the beach.

"You just don't get these opportunities unless you seek them out in college, or at least where we're from in college so, it's just been great," adds Stedman.

"I feel like this is so much more rewarding than that," says Demaree.

Mission leaders say a group from Marquette University and Depaul University are coming later this month.

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