Millbrook police officer nominated for prestigious award

Officer Kirk Pelham
Officer Kirk Pelham

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Millbrook police officer and detective Kirk Pelham is the kind of man who prefers to let his work as an investigator do the talking.

It was Pelham, who according to the Millbrook Police Department, would not let go, would not quit in finding out shot and killed Bryan Martin in the Millbrook Wal-Mart parking lot more than two years ago.

"Two defendants were found guilty in circuit court. One sentenced to 20 years in prison while the other was sent to death row. Officer Pelham put in countless hours and long days in this case,' said Chief P.K. Johnson.

Today, officer Pelham is a nominee for the nationally syndicated show "America's Most Wanted's" First Responder Award. Chief Johnson says it's not clear who nominated Pelham. We do know the nomination came after Pelham was honored by the Central Alabama Crimestoppers in January for his work on the Bryan Martin case.

"It feels good to be honored and know the public appreciates hard work," said Pelham.

And now he's getting the news of national recognition. "It just feels good," Pelham explained.

In his biography on "America's Most Wanted's" website, Kirk Pelham is said to 'run towards danger when everyone else is running away from it.'

A case-in-point is when Pelham took in two suspects after responding to a home invasion call three years ago. Pelham will be the first to tell you others deserve the honor so much more.

"You have officers who were shot or killed and have done more than I have," said the officer.

Anybody can go on the "America's Most Wanted" website and vote for Kirk Pelham, including citizens and law enforcement. You can vote now on America's Most Wanted website.

"It's an honor just to be nominated," said Chief Johnson.

An honor considering Kirk Pelham once got out of the police business but decided to come back and 'run towards the danger.'

There are big prizes for a big award. If Pelham wins he'll get two tickets to the NASCAR Sprint Series Cup in North Carolina and a big check for $10,000, according to the website.

In addition to the nomination Pelham received a departmental commendation in 2005 and Officer of the Quarter in 2008.

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