EXCLUSIVE: NAACP demands answers in Tallassee shooting

Posted by Cody Holyoke - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - A civil rights organization is pressing investigators to reopen the case files. and look into a deadly shooting involving Tallassee Police.

NAACP Alabama president Bernard Simelton wants answers and a thorough investigation into the death of Michael McIntyre, who died after a police involved shooting in December.

Police were on the scene, attempting to serve a warrant on someone else shortly before the shots were fired.

"Mr. McIntyre did not have a felony warrant against him, and we want to know why the police felt they had to shoot him," Simelton said.

Officers maintain McIntyre got into it with police and at some point pulled a gun.

In February, a grand jury cleared police of any wrongdoing, but Simelton says he's not convinced.

"There's some information that is not being shared with the public, and we want that information to be made public so that we can reach a conclusion," he said.

Authorities aren't releasing their investigation report on McIntyre's death.  A representative from Elmore County's District Attorney's office says that's because the case could come up before a grand jury again or become part of a civil lawsuit.

Questions, according to the NAACP, remain.

"We have looked at and talked to eyewitnesses, witnesses that were on the scene at the time, and they tell a different story that's being released in the media," Simelton explained.

Simelton says McIntyre's family has hired an Atlanta attorney, but right now, the NAACP won't confirm whether or not the family is going forward with a civil suit.

Meanwhile, the organization wants the FBI and the Department of Justice to look into the matter.

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