Community working with officials to catch crook

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RAMER, AL (WSFA) - "In light of what's been going on in our neighborhood, I guess anybody's a target," says Hamp Russell.

Russell and his wife, Sharon, were both at work when they got news of yet another burglary at a home in their neighborhood.

But, perhaps what shocked them the most was when they came home and found their house had been hit, too.

"Somebody kicked in the back door, and came inside and took some of our belongings," says Russell.

They lost hunting weapons, a computer, jewelry and personal documents.

Their Ridgeland Farms house is one of five homes and three cars broken into in the past week.

Montgomery County Sheriff's Investigators are hot on the burglars' trail.

"We're all checking out different leads and we meet several times a day and discuss any new information we might have," says Montgomery County Sheriff's Department Investigator, Lynn Esco.

Investigators say the houses have been hit at different times of day--one even while homeowners were sleeping.

"They're very brazen," says Esco of the burglars.

The Russell's never expected they'd be victims.

"You always hope that somehow you're the lucky one that's going to escape all this, but that wasn't the case," adds Sharon Russell.

Investigators think they're on the right track.

"Each time when you have a crime, there a little evidence from one crime, a little from another and pretty soon you start putting it together," adds Esco.

"He will be caught. Whoever it is will be caught," says Hamp Russell.

"They might need to find another neighborhood to pick on," adds Sharon.

Sheriff's deputies are actively patrolling the neighborhood.

Investigators think the burglar or burglars are from the area and are traveling on foot.

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