Mayor pushing for multi purpose sports facility in Montgomery

(L-R) Ken Blankenship, Montgomery Sporting Commission Exec. Dir.; Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange
(L-R) Ken Blankenship, Montgomery Sporting Commission Exec. Dir.; Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Sports fans have something to get excited about in Montgomery.

Today, the mayor's sports commissioner announced that the Capital City will host championship football, baseball and softball games for The National Private School Athletic Association.

While it's a big deal for the area, the mayor says Montgomery is working on building a facility that will keep sporting events like these coming.

Cramton Bowl has seen it's share of action. City leaders wonder just how much more the stadium can take. Built in the early 1920's, Cramton Bowl is showing it's age. It is limiting the city to what events can be brought to town.

"It needs some uplifting if you will...not from a standpoint of the field..the field is fine...but the concessions, the seating and particularly the press box are," stated Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange.

Change is coming however. Along with updates to Cramton Bowl, the mayor wants to build a multi purpose indoor sports facility in order to attract indoor sporting events that would otherwise pass Montgomery by.

"Let's take the volleyball tournament we had a few months ago. We had about 70 teams here and it worked well in The Renaissance, but the problem is next year. They want to double that size and The Renaissance is not available and we don't have the exhibit space to put those we must have our own facility," added Mayor Strange.

These upgrades could cost the city 12 to14 million dollars. It's an investment that the mayor says will show others, no matter what the event, that the Capital City is ready to play ball.

The mayor also added that building a multi purpose facility would take about 15 months.

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