Meridianville woman victim of salesman scam

By Monica Rix - bio | email

MERIDIANVILLE, AL (WAFF) - You don't see too many door-to-door salesmen these days, but one woman in Meridianville says you should beware. She says she got ripped off by someone allegedly wanting to make a sale.

"I've been told before that I'm too trusting," said Amanda Yohe. She's a stay-at-home mom with four kids and last week, she got some unexpected visitors-- two men claiming to sell Kirby vacuum cleaners in her neighborhood. Only one stayed to show her how they worked.

"He did his demo, everything seemed fine. He never acted weird or anything else," she said.

Yohe says at some point, her youngest daughter, Becka, needed a diaper change, so she left the room.

"When I came out, he was coming out of the bathroom from presumably rinsing something off from the carpet cleaning demo and he called his supervisor and he left," added Yohe.

That's when she noticed her $200 iPod was missing. Yohe says she called Kirby headquarters, describing the supposed salesman.

"He was pretty young, probably mid-20s and I noticed he had a rather odd tattoo on his hand that said 'pimp'," she said.

The company told Yohe stores and salespeople are all independent. And now, she's not sure if they were actually selling merchandise or running some sort of scam.

"I can guarantee that I won't be letting anyone else in my house again. If you absolutely feel like you have to let someone in, don't take your eyes off of them for even a minute because it was literally a minute that I was out of the room," said Yohe.

Yohe tells us most of her neighbors were at work at the time of the incident, so not many, if any at all, were also victimized. She says she's already filed a police report and, in the meantime, hopes others will use this as a precautionary tale.

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