Alabama Congressmen vote 'No' on healthcare reform

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - As democratic leaders secured the votes they needed Sunday night, opponents of the healthcare bill made their presence known.

Congressman Mike Rogers spoke briefly on the House floor.  He tells WSFA 12 News the bill's passage spells out trouble for Alabamians.

"When the democratic leadership and the President say, 'We're going to insure 32 million more Americans, but it's going to cost less money,' that is laughable that anyone could hear that and think that it's true," Rogers exclaimed in a phone interview.

Some democrats even voiced serious concerns regarding the measure.

During a satellite interview with WSFA 12 News, Congressman Bobby Bright said he disagrees with the measure--and the way supporters secured "yes" votes.

"Months ago, we were all discussing healthcare cost containment. Now, we have gone down this avenue of healthcare cost renovation and change, that's not what we set out to do," Bright said.

Bright joined fellow democrat Artur Davis, voting against the bill.  Both men say the measure is simply too costly.

"We're running a huge long term deficit--a trillion dollar deficit today--and we can't keep throwing a trillion dollars at every problem," Davis explained.

Though some voters did rally for the bill over the weekend, lawmakers fielded hundreds of phone calls and letters from residents opposing the bill.

Congressmen say that means trouble for the people who voted "yes" come election time.

"It's just a battle that we're losing.  The war is going to continue to be fought in the 2010 elections in November.  Then again in 2012, when we get a chance to have a President who will not veto our efforts to repeal this takeover," Rogers said.

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