Time nearly out for Tyson to turn over evidence

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The 24 hour deadline imposed on John Tyson by the Attorney General's office to turn over all evidence in the state's bingo battle is nearly over.

Monday's take over of the Task Force by the AG isn't being taken lightly by Tyson, who as the force's commander, is refusing to accept the AG's authority.

Tuesday, King's chief of staff, Chris Bence, issued comments from the AG after getting media inquiries on the status of the evidence.

Attorney General King's comments are as follows:

"If Mr. Tyson will comply with my directive, given pursuant to the long-standing and well recognized statutory and constitutional powers of the Office, and share with us the evidence of the task force, it should prove more than sufficient for our Office to file a temporary restraining order that would prohibit the reopening of White Hall and Country Crossing, and allow us to seek to close those facilities that the governor has left open or allowed to reopen. Mr. Tyson's refusal not only exceeds his authority but will delay our ability to act on behalf of the State. Such a position will again demonstrate that he is content to be an obstructionist, and will have no one but himself to blame for the reopenings."

King said he would not hesitate to take the matter to the courts if Tyson doesn't comply.

"Having to take this route will create more delays that will only benefit the bingo facilities. I hope it is not a course he will choose," King said.

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