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Editorial: Tuition Caps

Auburn and Alabama rank in the top 50 of the 629 public universities in America. 

They are economic engines that fuel our state's growth, employing thousands and supplying quality workforce candidates. 

They do it with tuition under $7,000 and per student state appropriations under $7,000. 

Their boards and their leaders are clearly managing well. 

We should let them manage and govern as they believe necessary and that includes setting tuition rates.

Current pending legislation to help solve the pre-paid college tuition funding shortfall includes capping tuition for PACT students. 

That doesn't seem fair to the universities. 

It clearly doesn't seem fair to the students at those universities who don't pay through the PACT program who won't have the same caps.   

Solving the PACT program shortfall is important.  It is also complicated. 

Dropping the caps on tuition will make it harder but not impossible to solve the PACT problem.  

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