Rep. Rogers co-sponsors bill to kill health care law

Rep. Mike Rogers
Rep. Mike Rogers

Posted by: John Shryock - bio | email

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Alabama Congressman Mike Rogers announced Tuesday that he has cosponsored a bill to repeal the Democrats' health care bill.

The bill, H.R. 4903, aims to kill the health care reform law that President Barack Obama signed into law Tuesday. Rogers said the legislation would repeal H.R. 3590, which all seven Alabama House members voted against.

Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann of Minnesota introduced the repeal bill Monday; it now has 12 cosponsors.

"The majority of folks in East Alabama let me know they didn't want this health care bill to pass," Rogers said. "While the bill has now become law, it is not too late to repeal and replace the worst parts of this legislation, which will vastly increase the Federal government's role in our lives at a time when our economy is in a severe recession."

"During these tough economic times when folks are struggling to stay afloat and find or keep a job, I agree reform was needed. But this is not reform – it is a massive government intervention into one-sixth of our economy.

Rogers said he supports alternative legislation which would help offer coverage for people with pre-existing conditions, allow association health plans, allowing insurance to be sold across state lines, increasing the age in which children can be covered by their parent's plan, and tort reform to help lower the cost of frivolous lawsuits.

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