Riley, officials fire back at Attorney General

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Tuesday, Governor Riley fired back at Attorney General Troy King, claiming to have been blind sided by King's claim to power and refusing to hand over materials seized during prior raids.

"The Attorney General has no authority to tell the Task Force on Illegal Gambling what to do," Riley said.

"If we turn evidence over to the Attorney General, we may as well turn it over to the casino bosses."

Riley isn't alone.  Directors of the Department of Public Safety and the ABC board shot back at King's order to halt any raids.

In a letter, Colonel Christopher Murphy and Emory Folmer wrote, "[...] we cannot and will not agree to pledge not to enforce the law."

"If law enforcement were to make such a pledge, we would see illegal slot machine parlors opening up on every corner," Riley said.

That's something John Tyson says he won't let happen.

Tuesday, the task force commander also wrote a letter to King, informing the Attorney General that he has "[...] no authority to direct the Governor's Task Force."

"The Governor of the State of Alabama, as recently as [Tuesday] morning, told me again, 'John, you're the commander of the task force on illegal gambling. Go get him.'"

Those are marching orders Tyson intends to follow.

"We're going to decide when and where and how we're going to proceed. We are clearly using criminal laws to authorize our search and our seizures. And we will proceed from there as we develop the cases," Tyson said.

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