Country Crossing postpones reopening

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DOTHAN, AL (WSFA) –   The hopes of many Country Crossing employees was crushed late Tuesday night.

Wednesday morning the entertainment venue was suppose to reopen, but those plans were postponed due to uncertainty with the Governor's Task Force on Illegal Gambling.

It was suppose to be a big day at Country Crossing.  Instead its doors remain closed.

"I was excited when I heard I was coming back to work and just as down when I found out I wasn't," says James Barnes, an employee at Country Crossing.

Operators say it was heartbreaking to tell everyone, especially their employees they won't be re-opening, for now after all.

Earlier this week Country Crossing confirmed it would reopen Wednesday after hearing the Attorney General was taking over the Governor's Task Force on Illegal Gambling.

By Tuesday night gaming center operators had a change of heart after hearing the governor wasn't backing down.

"I'm deeply disappointed by the Attorney Generals continuing course," said Governor Bob Riley.

So, instead of people going through the doors employees and attorneys for the entertainment center stood out front vocalizing their anger.

"It's a shame that he will not stand up for me once I stood up for him," says Helen Hutchinson, an employee for Country Crossing.

Country Crossing attorney Jim Parkman told the crowd they've followed all the rules and complied with all the court rulings.

But now they've had enough and plan to move forward with a new legal course of action to hopefully reopen once and for all.

"We've got our next step, we know what it is, the Attorney General has already warned the people that are running this show in the Governor's office and the task force and the legislature," said Parkman.  "What's going to happen now, go back and listen what he told them and you'll find out what's coming next, and it's going to be one way or the other, it's tired, it's over, and we are going to do something if they don't."

No timetable was given on this latest legal action, but attorneys say it can't come soon enough.

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