Editorial: Feedback

Our Tuition Caps Editorial prompted this differing feedback:

"It isn't fair to the taxpayers of this state to have to shore up the loss on investments in the Pact program."

And  "The state assured us the money would be overseen.  We don't want a hand out, we want what we paid for."

Regarding our guest editorial on Alabama's Workers' Compensation Law, one viewer emailed: "The workers comp laws of this state are some of the most employer friendly laws in the nation.  The employee can never be fully compensated under Alabama laws.  The state purposely protects employers in an effort to bring business to Alabama."

And regarding our guest editorial on Bloody Sunday, one viewer emailed:
"The old adage 'He who forgets history is doomed to repeat it' is as relevant today as one hundred years ago.  Human nature hasn't changed significantly throughout the ages, hence the importance of being ever vigilant for those who would take our freedoms, those who would do us harm, and those who would deny us our basic rights.  Our founding fathers fought to free themselves from an oppressive central government.  Blacks fought for basic civil rights.  It serves us well to remember, but not dwell, on events of the past in order to appreciate and continue to progress."

We appreciate and encourage all of your feedback to our editorials.