Country Crossing employees looking for work

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DOTHAN, AL (WSFA) –   It's been a roller coaster week for many involved in the bingo battle.

The last seven weeks have been tough for Burke Burkhardt.  He's spent every day looking for work.

"I've just had to make do with what I can scrape together," says Burkhardt, working outside his Dothan home.

Friday he's fixing a neighbors carport other days it's odd jobs in construction.

"Everyday it seems like I go to bed, and we get to the end of the day wondering what the next day is going to bring, it's just a day to day existence," says Burkhardt.

It's the same story for many out of work Country Crossing employees.

This last week brought hope of returning to work at the gaming center but those hopes dashed late Tuesday night after an announcement by the governor.

"I want to see our employees back at work and Country Crossing open," said Helen Hutchinson, Wednesday outside of the gaming center.

"I am about to go under, I need some help I want to work I don't want a handout I want to do my own work," said James Barnes, who also attended a Wednesday rally.

Employees say they're tired of their future being directed by politicians hoping the courts will settle the legal issues regarding electronic bingo soon so they can get back to work.

A sentiment Burkhardt echoes.

"We want to open, we just want to have business, it's a great environment and it's a fun place to work," says Burkhardt.

Attorneys for Country Crossing say they are still moving forward on a new legal course of action, and say hopefully it will allow them to open in the near future.

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