Woman cradles dying victim after robbery-related shooting

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Remnants remain on Winifred Street reminding Venis Rankins of a life altering encounter.

"I'm scared to walk out my door because we've never had nothing like that, ya know over here. Ya know, somebody that's gunned down and shot like that--especially someone that's close to you," she says.

Rankins was in her home when she heard a gunshot.

When she looked outside, she saw Albert McCurdy--her friend of 30 years.

It appeared he'd been shot during a robbery.  That's when she ran to the rescue.

"I came out the back door and yelled at the guy, ya know, to leave him alone. And then he shot him again in the chest."

By the time she got to her friend, it was too late.

"He was trying to say something and he couldn't get it out.  And he just took his last breath, and he just died right there in the street," she says.

The shooter is still a blur in her memory.

"I barely saw his face because he never did turn his face. And I ran towards him right there on the porch and he had the gun up in the air like, ya know, if I come that way he would shoot me, so I just stopped."

But there's one face she'll never forget--the man she says didn't deserve to die.

"60 some years old.  Ya know it was just wrong. And I'm gonna miss him."

Rankins says she wasn't really scared when she came nearly face to face with the shooter, who police say is still on the run.

She says she wasn't thinking about herself--just trying to get him to leave her friend alone.

Police say McCurdy was taken to a hospital where he died.  Call Crimestoppers at 215-STOP if you have any information.

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