COPY-Music in Will Graham Celebration targets youth

By Katherine Kington - email | Twitter

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) -   Hundreds gathered to hear the words of Will Graham at Beard Eaves Coliseum tonight, but many came for the music too.

Christian music has become increasingly popular over the past decade, even making its way to secular radio stations.

Tonight's performers said Christian music is important because it delivers a message that other music doesn't. It deals with real life problems but offers hope.

With so many various types and genres of music to choose from the youth has become a strong and steady fan base for the musicians.

They say the youth is one of their main targets.

With hip hop, rock, rap, country and pop Christian singers, many feel they get to the youth by giving them the types of music they and their peers listen too.

Contemporary Christian singer, Matthew West, says that after many fan letters expressing tough times and lack of self confidence, he has had a new motive to change those feelings.

He hopes his music "reaches a certain level of depth that can help somebody that's going through a tough time. Can help bring them out of whatever kind of difficult time and let them know that there is hope and there is help."

Christian Rapper, Canton Jones, says he doesn't want his music to be serious.

He wants his message to be to enjoy life " To have fun, you know to have fun to laugh and to smile. Cast your cares on him. He'll care for you be carefree about life. Don't take it so serious."

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