MPS leak investigation

Some internal turmoil at the Montgomery Public School Board, where board members are trying to find out who leaked confidential personnel information to the news media.

The superintendent, board president and other members are all concerned about how the information about non-renewal of some employees got out.  It was part of a newspaper story about possible employee cutbacks and whether a high ranking employee, Clay Slagle's employment status might change.  Slagle was a finalist for the superintendent's job and late sued the board after non being selected.  Turns out, Slagle was not on the list.

The information was contained in a document from the superintendent.  Board President Beverly Ross says she learned the information had been leaked after being called by a reporter.

Ross says she wants board members included in the investigation of who released the report.  Only board members, the superintendent, the human resources director and the board lawyer are supposed to receive the personnel report.

Eventually ten non-renewal employees were cut including on contract principal, five probation contract principals, two teachers and two support staff.  Some of them will be re-assigned, some are retiring or on leave.

Also at Monday's meeting, the board unanimously approve the superintendent's proposal for accreditation changes.  Currently individual schools are accredited but not the district.  Superintendent Barbara Thompson says moving to a district wide accreditation assures high standards.

All MPS schools are accredited.