Governor Riley Signs a New Bill to Stop Drugs

MONTGOMERY (WSFA) -  People snort it, inject it, smoke it, or take it orally. It's crystal meth, and it has become a major problem in Alabama. Governor Bob Riley plans to crack down on the drug with a new law.

On Tuesday, Governor Bob Riley signed a new bill that will allow access to electronic databases to enable law enforcement to quickly track the main ingredient in meth. Pseudoephedrine, the ingredient often used to relieve cold and allergy symptoms, can become lethal when mixed with other chemicals in meth.

The new law creates a database in which every pharmacy or retailer selling pseydoephedrine products will be required to enter the purchaser's identification information into an electronic database prior to any sale. The Governor says this system will reduce the distribution of the drug in the state, "We have an opportunity with this new law to reduce the number of meth labs in Alabama and the number of Alabamians who are their victims."

If the buyer exceeds the daily limit, the database will send out an alert to the system. The information will then be shared with law enforcement agencies. Governor Riley believes that meth plays a role in almost every crime in Alabama and needs to be stopped.