Mayor Strange Says It's Time to Clean Up

MONTGOMERY (WSFA)- Mayor Todd Strange is trying to clean up the streets with a new "Pick Up Montgomery" initiative.

In collaboration with the Clean City Commission, Mayor Strange plans to celebrate the National Great American Clean up.  The city's events will kick off at the beginning of April.

On April 1st Mayor Strange will introduce 5 new items that will be enforced for the month of April and possibly longer. Drop off locations for trash will be in operations on all four Saturdays in April. Prisoners will be out collecting trash on Southern Blvd and Eastern Blvd. The new rule, if you "drop trash, pay cash" initiative will begin. Anyone caught dumping trash in unauthorized areas will be fined $213; $100 for the violation and $113 for court cost.

The Mayor is also forbidding signs placed on power poles or right-a-ways. The city will attempt to move existing signs in violation. The city is also encouraging residents to bag their leaves, which will become an ordinance violation starting on April 15th.

Mayor Strange hopes to have over 10,000 individuals participate in cleaning up Montgomery, in hopes of making the city a better place to live.