Tourism department removes gambling center webpages after WSFA 12 News phone call

Posted by: Melissa McKinney - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Before the Governor's crackdown on electronic bingo, the tourism department actively promoted locations like Victoryland and Country Crossing with brochures at its welcome stations.

Those brochures have now been pulled.  But they forgot about the casinos being on the department's website.

A few hours ago, you could have clicked on the Alabama Tourism Department's website and seen a web page for Victoryland and it's gaming facility--Quincy's Triple 7.  There was also one for Greenetrack with information about their gaming machines and a page for Country Crossing.

So the question is, why--if the Governor's position is against gambling?

"It was an oversight," says Edith Parten, the tourism department's Media Relations Director.

WSFA 12 News called the department.  We were told someone forgot to remove the pages.

"It was something we didn't look at or catch ourselves," says Parten.

Parten says it was our phone call that notified her the web pages were still up and running.

"Once you brought it to our attention we did take those sites down from our website."

But Parten says the pages aren't completely gone.

"If you Google one of those places, a casino in Alabama, it's probably still going to show up because of Google, because it is on our website.  But, if you just went and looked under attractions it would not be there."

Parten says the Governor did not tell them to remove the brochures from welcome centers.  Directors did that themselves last fall. She says nothing will change until the bingo battle ends.

"The whole scope is because it is a legal issue and we are waiting until that is resolved," adds Parten.

WSFA 12 News called and emailed the Governor's office for a comment on this but did not receive a response.

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