Back In The Slammer For Capital Murder Suspect

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Capital murder suspect 81-year old Paul Jones sat expressionless in the sea of orange prison jump suits in an Elmore County courtroom.

Jones remained that way for the most part as he and his attorney Tom Azar stood before the judge arguing for another chance to remain free on bond.

"He (Jones) did not remain in Montgomery," said Azar.

Azar said his client never threatened anyone nor violated any laws. Circuit Judge Sibley Reynolds felt Paul Jones at the very least violated the 'spirit' of the bond agreement.

Homicide investigators say Jones allegedly shot and killed his neighbor.. 85-year old Frank Barrett and shot and injured Gerald and Linda Ingram in a property dispute last May in Wetumpka.

"With specific requirements of him (Jones) not staying in Elmore, Chilton, Autauga, and Montgomery Counties," Judge Reynolds said as he read from court documents.

During his initial bond hearing in November, Paul Jones told the court he had a medical condition and requested to leave Alabama with his son and admit himself to the V.A. Hospital in Arlington, Virginia.

The judge agreed allowing Jones to post his $25,000.

But a month or so later, word got out that Paul Jones was living in Opelika, Alabama, reportedly getting treatment from a cardiologist and that's not all. According to Elmore County investigators, Jones spent every weekend beginning in mid-December gambling in Mississippi, a fact confirmed by undercover video.

Still, Azar believes District Attorney Randall Houston acted 'unreasonably in moving the court to revoke Paul Jones' bail.

Judge Reynolds disagreed.

"Bond's revoked, remain in custody," ruled Judge Reynolds.

Jones never said why he didn't get treatment at the V.A. Hospital.

The revocation not only leaves Houston satisfied..

"This tells me he (Judge Reynolds) didn't like him being back here," said Houston.

but Wayne Barrett, the son of murder victim Frank Barrett and shooting victims Gerald and Linda Ingram.

"Today is my birthday and this is the best birthday gift I could have gotten," said Wayne Barrett.

"Maybe tonight I can start to sleep a little better," said Gerald Ingram.

In the end Paul Jones was ushered back to jail, his new home until the trial in late October.

Right now the trial is set to start on October 25th in Elmore County.

Azar also filed a change of venue due to what he calls 'excessive press coverage and a considerable community involvement present at the hearing today.'

Judge Reynolds said he would consider the motion.

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