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A Miracle In The Midst Of Tragedy In Coosa County

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - On Highway 231 North two-and-a-half- miles inside the Coosa County line, Katie Elsberry of Birmingham lost her life yet a big part of her still lives.

Coosa County Deputy Tracy Steele was the first on the scene and he noticed right away there wasn't much he could do for Elsberry, but something told him to check the backseat.

Sheriff Terry Wilson spoke on behalf of his deputy who was off-duty.

"When he got to the baby, he noticed she didn't seem to have a scratch on her," said Sheriff Wilson.

A miracle in the making, Steele handed the child to Rockford Fire Chief Jeff Fuller.

"We took her immediately to Elmore County Community Hospital for her to be checked out, and later gave her to her maternal grandparents,"said Chief Fuller.

It's not clear why Katie Elsberry lost control of her '97 Chevy Lumina. Based on the tire marks farther up the road, it does appear Elsberry ran off 231 and then overcorrected when she came back on.

Elsberry's car flipped a few times, landing on the shoulder of Highway 231 North. She was ejected.

Elsberry became Coosa County's first traffic fatality of the year and her little girl could have been the second considering part of the car was still in the road with traffic coming through.

First-responders like Fuller say they'll always remember the accident. That's because the baby girl should have been hurt but wasn't.

"No question this was a miracle. I'm just surprised she even survived, much less not getting any cuts or scratches," said Fuller.

The baby girl was strapped in her child restraint seat when she was found. The sheriff and the fire chief says there's little doubt that's why the two-year old is alive and well today.

Troopers say Katie Elsberry did not have her seatbelt on. Elsberry was only 24.

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