Candidates reach qualifying deadline

List of candidates for Alabama's major offices

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - Republican and Democratic candidates who qualified for major federal and state offices by Friday's deadline, with I indicating incumbent:

U.S. Senate

D-William G. Barnes

D-Simone DeMoore

R-N.C. "Clint" Moser

R-Richard Shelby (I)

1st Congressional District

R-Jo Bonner (I)

R-Peter Gournares

2nd Congressional District

D-Bobby Bright (I)

R-Martha Roby

R-Stephanie Bell

R-Rick Barber

R-John Bowling McKinney III

3rd Congressional District

D-Steve Segrest

R-Mike Rogers (I)

4th Congressional District

R-Robert Aderholt (I)

5th Congressional District

D-Mitchell J. Howie

D-David J. Maker

D-Steve Raby

D-Taze Shepard

R-Parker Griffith (I)

R-Mo Brooks

R-Les Phillip

6th Congressional District

R-Stan Cooke

R-Spencer Bachus (I)

7th Congressional District

D-Earl Hilliard Jr.

D-Terri A. Sewell

D-Shelia Smoot

D-Martha Bozeman

R-Michele Walter

R-Don Chamberlain

R-Carol F. Hendrickson

R-Chris Salter


D-Artur Davis

D-Ron Sparks

R-Bradley Byrne

R-Roy Moore

R-Tim James

R-Bill Johnson

R-James Potts

R-Robert Bentley

R-Charles Taylor

Lieutenant Governor

D-Jim Folsom Jr. (I)

R-Hank Erwin

R-Gene Ponder

R-Kay Ivey

Attorney General

D-James Anderson

D-Michel Nicrosi

D-Giles Perkins

R-Troy King (I)

R-Luther Strange

Commissioner of Agriculture

D-Glen Zorn

R-Dale Peterson

R-Dorman Grace

R-John McMillan

Public Service Commission, Place 1

D-Jan Cook (I)

R-Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh

R-Chris "Chip" Beeker

R-Stephen Evans

Public Service Commission, Place 2

D-Susan Parker (I)

R-Chip Brown

R-Terry Dunn

State Auditor

D-Miranda Karrine Joseph

R-Samantha Shaw (I)

State Treasurer

D-Charley Grimsley

D-Jeremy Sherer

R-George Wallace Jr.

R-Young Boozer

Secretary of State

D-Scott Gilliland

R-Beth Chapman (I)

Supreme Court, Place 1

D-Rhonda Chambers

R-Kelli Wise

Supreme Court, Place 2

D-Tom Edwards

R-Mike Bolin (I)

Supreme Court, Place 3

D-Mac Parsons

R-James R. Houts

R-Tom Parker (I)

R-Eric Johnston

Court of Civil Appeals

D-Deborah Bell Paseur

R-Tommy Bryan (I)

Court of Criminal Appeals

R-Jim Main (I)

State Board of Education, Place 2

D-Betty Letlow

R-Betty Peters (I)

State Board of Education, Place 4

D-Yvette M. Richardson

D-Margie Varner

R-Tom Dooley

State Board of Education, Place 6

D-Kimberly Harbin Drake

R-Charles Elliott

R-Ron Stone

State Board of Education, Place 8

D-Ralph Burke

D-Mary Ruth Yates

R-Mary Scott Hunter

R-Sue Helms

R-Ken Gawronski Jr.

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