Camp Hill school stays open, bittersweet for teachers

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Ethel Crappes has been a teacher at Edward Bell School for only one year.  Her time there was almost cut short.

"I was like oh my gosh.  After all these many years and finally it may come true."

Crappes says during tough times, there's a lot of talk of closing Edward Bell.

Tallapoosa County school administrators threatened to shut the doors next year because of a $3-million shortfall--thanks to an 11% proration of education funds.

Last week, hundreds turned out for a meeting to help save the school, including Kendravious Golatte.

"I was so excited and I was happy and all that we did finally paid off."

While many at the school share that joy, teachers like Ethel Crappes say it's bittersweet.

"What's going to happen is going to happen," she says.

Although the school survived this year's budget crunch shortfall administrators don't think they'll have enough money to keep all its teachers.

"Where there's a will there's a way. If I were to lose my job, I feel like if it's meant [to be] I'm going to have another job. So, my concern is not me. It's the kids."

Administrators say plans for keeping Edward Bell open will be reviewed on a yearly basis.

But for now, Kendravious is just glad he'll be here next year.

"When I heard the news that they were going to keep us open, a lot of relief and it let me sleep better."

Tallapoosa County Schools' Superintendent Philip Baker says it's not just Edward Bell that could lose teachers.  He's expecting to make cuts across the county.

He says all tenured teachers are safe.  All other teachers will be notified of their employment status by the end of the school year.

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