Breaking News: Alabama Republican Party votes to remove State Senator Harri Anne Smith from GOP primary ballot

Posted by: Melissa McKinney - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Members of the Alabama Republican Party Candidate Subcommittee voted Saturday to not allow District 29 State Senator Harri Anne Smith on the GOP primary ballot in June.

Committee members met in downtown Montgomery to vote on this and other challenges regarding republican candidates.

Philip Bryan, a spokesman for the party, says committee members voted against Smith's placement on the ballot after she endorsed District 2 Congressman Bobby Bright in 2008.  Smith lost the Congressional primary to Republican Jay Love.  The spokesman says the party's bylaws state that no republican candidate should endorse a candidate of another party if a republican is running against them.  Smith attended the meeting stating she was a republican and would fully support the party.

Bryan says the committee voted against allowing her on the ballot because if they did it would set a precedent.

Committee members also voted to allow Congressman Parker Griffith of Alabama's 5th District to be on the republican ticket.

Despite challenges from some party members, Bryan says Griffith has shown true dedication to the Republican party.

Senator Smith says she is talking to her constituents about the future.  She hasn't decided if she'll run as an independent.

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