Alabama Longhorns

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Greenville, AL (WSFA) - Lets play a little word association here.  If I say Longhorns, you say...... Texas, right?   Not in this case.    Apparently little Greenville, Alabama is home to one of the top longhorn breeders in the world.    "My wife says I am consumed by this,"  Jimmy Jones said.   "Outside of my immediate family, this is my life, it's what trips my trigger."

It all started back in the mid 80's when Jones was involved in the rodeo.   He bought some cattle to raise some steers, and something just clicked.   "The more I watched them, the more I loved them."   So he spent the next three years studying longhorns.   Fast forward to this year, Jimmy Jones was the Texas Longhorn Association breeder of the year.   "Just lucky I guess."

His success has nothing to do with luck.  Breeding Texas Longhorns is a true science, and he's very good at it.     "Somebody once said to me that longhorns provide endless possibilities.  I'm not in the possibility business, I'm in the probability business.  Its not as simple as putting a big horn cow with a big horn bull.   I look at genetics in what's been successful in producing big horn bulls."

And Jimmy Jones is just getting started.   "I hope the best cow I have right now is the worst cow I have 10 years from now."   Sure Texas might be called longhorn country, but one man in Greenville, Alabama knows how to hookem' too.

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