Selma searches for Easter Day murderer

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Selma Police say they are still a good ways down the road from making an arrest in Sunday's murder on Churchill Avenue. The shootings happened a little before 1 AM Sunday, not at a home but literally in the street.

"We don't know what they were fighting about," said Chief William Riley.

Two men shot, one dead, the other is still living. Police say 25-year old Maurice Pollum died after getting shot more than once in the 1000 block of Churchill Avenue. 28-year old Corey Hatcher is in critical condition with gunshot wounds to the legs and chest.

Dozens of potential witnesses are reportedly giving police different accounts of what really happened.

As of right now no motive, no clear idea why the two men were fighting which makes getting to the truth a bit more challenging but not impossible.

"We're having to wade through the 'he says, she says' stuff. We do want to interview one more person who may have seen everything," said Chief Riley.

A lot of questions, no easy answers. Chief Riley is banking on old fashioned police work and time.

Police say think the two men knew each other but they're not sure to what extent.

Maurice Pollum became Selma's second murder victim of the year.

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