Montgomery man knows both ends of organ donor issue

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Nineteen ago Harold Faulkner not only lost his son but faced the emotional issue of making sure Jim Faulkner's wishes were carried out.

"Both of his kidneys, liver, corneas and heart were transplanted into other people," said Mr. Faulkner.

In all 5 people across the country got a new lease on life, total strangers. The gift of life out of a family tragedy.

"It's a give-give situation," said Faulkner.

On the flip side of the coin, Harold Faulkner's own wife received a lung transplant from someone in central Florida.

"She enjoyed another 10 years of life," said Faulkner.

It was no surprise to see Faulkner attend Baptist South's 'Donate Life Month' ceremony. A flag and a proclamation by the mayor who also shared a personal story.

"Just last week my brother-in-law found out he will have to have a lung transplant,' said Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange.

It's estimated that around 3,400 Alabamians are on the waiting list to receive an organ transplant. They're not only at the mercy of time but there are some who choose not to become organ donors.

The reasons vary from religious to simply not wanting to 'talk about death issues,' according to Jim Williams, leader of Baptist South's Organ Donor Tissue Committee.

In the end it comes down to this; a personal choice, one Harold Faulkner knows that has the potential to let others live, a second chance.

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