W.O. Parmer Teacher a Class Act

Posted by: Judd Davis - bio | email

Greenville, AL (WSFA) - It's story time at W.O. Parmer Elementary School in Greenville, and all eyes are on teacher Heather Norris.  She's only been in the classroom for two years, but she knew right away that kindergarten was the perfect fit for her.    "This is just where I need to be because of the children," Norris said.

She knows when you're working with 5 year olds, be ready for anything.   "They are full of everything.   They know it all, but sometimes they don't know it all so they ask all kinds of questions."

Ms. Norris likes to mix things up sothe kids don't get bored.   She says they have fun and learn at the same time.    "Reading is a really big challenge right now.  Kindergarten really is more than just playtime."

She's getting these little ones ready for the future, Ms. Heather Norris from W.O. Parmer Elementary School is a real Class Act.

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